Solitaires 7.0

Play more than 300 variation of Solitaire games
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Generates trillions of different card combination in various types of Solitaire including, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Tri-Peaks, etc.

Solitaires is a large collection of solitaire-type card games: this suite includes more than 300 different games. However, the real value of this application comes from its capacity to generate lots of games, and when I say “lots” I really mean it, because Solitaries can generate a trillion of different card combinations for each game. It includes not only classic games, such as Spider and Pyramid, but also many others that appear in software form for this first time.

Other advantages of this game are related to its capacity to manipulate a specific game - save and even print it. Moreover, it keeps a global score and can publish it on the Web. Finally, it offers lots of customization options that allow you to select background music and personalized graphics.

I cannot say Solitaires is really user-friendly. In fact, it looks more like a development environment than a game collection. In addition, each game is poorly described and lacks proper instructions on how to play it. The graphics are also not as sophisticated as in other card games. The animations, however, are fluid and excellent.

Belkis Díaz
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  • The animations are excellent and fluid
  • It generates tons of different games
  • It offers some customization options
  • It allows you to save, open, and print a given game
  • It allows you to publish your score in the Internet
  • It includes new solitaire games


  • It is not easy to use
  • The games are poorly described and lack proper instructions
  • The graphics are not very good
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